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Testimonials For Helping Hands Cleaning Service Located in Huntington Beach, CA


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"Sparkling clean home....pristine bathrooms! They even did laundry if requested. Smells super clean and great customer service."
- Michele C.
"There is not enough Thanks you I can give to these ladies especially Yvonne. Found them thru my support group. Been battle cancer for 10mos and could no longer keep up w cleaning thanks to side effects & surgery. But these ladies have done an awesome job on coming to my house once a month for a through cleaning. Not May things out a smile on my face lately but seeing a clean house & smell is so relaxing.
They work with breast cancer patients and help support us thru our journey. Big cheers for the work you do for us."

- Monica H.
"Fabulous!! Used them for the first time today and came home very happy with the results. Planning on using them monthly now. Smells great but not overbearing (bleachy )They are fine with dogs being there, maybe cats, not sure but probably. I left a check. Simple as that. They got everything nice and clean."
- A.S.
"Wow! These girls did such a great thorough job with the cleaning. They were very effective and detailed. I did not have look after them to check to see if they got to the priority areas because they did it on their own and so much more :)"

- Denisse T.
"I seriously cannot say enough about this cleaning service. I'm recent cancer patient and was gifted cleanings to help me through my treatment. I had recently used another company and the difference was phenomenal. Not only did they clean far deeper and more thoroughly than the other company ...when they left the house it had a fresh and incredible clean smell. As a cancer patient it's important that the house is sterile and clean thoroughly and I can't tell you how much what a such a great job they did! Even my husband and son noticed! We will be hiring them whenever we can to keep the house clean during my treatment and after."

- Jennifer G.
"Helping Hands has been helping us for over 10 years on a consistent basis. Twice a month Carmen & Francesca, & sometimes a third helper come & clean our home. They are fabulous and what a peace of mind it is knowing I can rely on them! We have lots of pets which means lots of fur/dust bunnies around here. (We actually could name some of them based on how large they get) lol We have unique lighting fixtures/furniture & a walk-in closet with a wall of stilettos that they clean fabulously! I do not trust just anyone to care for these things but I do trust these women implicitly!!!

My husband & I have used them in the past when we were flipping houses as well for deep cleaning before selling them. Everyone we have referred the girls to have been very happy with them as well!

I absolutely love these girls as well as Yvonne!"

- Wendy M.
"I have been using Helping Hands for a few years now. Originally I was trying to get my mom, who was nearly 80, to get a housecleaner. Like a lot of old-school moms, her view was "no one can clean the way I do!" and, also, she did not like the idea of people in her home.

I finally convinced her to consider it by telling her I would get the maid service along with her. Yvonne and Helping Hands were used by a neighbor so we got the information.

Now, years later, all my mom does is rave about how wonderful her 2x/month visits are from Helping Hands, and I agree. We see the same cleaning pair (sometimes a third person joins them) and that helps a lot. Yvonne and I stay in touch via text or phone to work around my mom's sometimes hectic schedule (doctor appointments, etc.)

My mom has not had to see the chiropractor since they started; just having someone to vacuum and do her bedding is a blessing. She treats the ladies like family. I got the added benefit of luring her into securing housekeepers by saying I needed them and we could do it together, and I ended up keeping their services.

And my mom - the hardcore cleaner - even said, "I have no idea how they get the fixtures so clean." She likes that they bring their own cleaning supplies.

I'm not like my mom so my places is cluttered and we have multiple pets so there's a ton of hair. I also do not "pre-clean" as much as I would like due to lack of time, but they still tidy everything up, even my piles, and it is such a sense of relief.

This is a warm, responsive, good-hearted company. We have referred many people to Yvonne. I plan to continue using them for years to come, just like my mom!"

- Sharon A.
"They are the best called them the day before and they were there. Left my apartment spotless and they are amazing. Would totally use them again and will tell my friends about them"

- Guera B.
"Super clean house! Everything smelled so fresh and clean....pristine bathrooms. They even do laundry if I request it."

- James C.
"My house is pristine! We used them for moving out and our landlord said we should get all of our deposit back!! The two ladies were so quick and thorough... our house was as clean as when we moved in. Definitely 5 stars."

- Raquel K.